Who we are

Wim Muller & Sons is a companionship between:

  • Wim and Rina Muller, Wilhelminadorp;
  • their two sons Wim jr and Andres Muller.

Their lofts are situated in Wilhelminadorp (Zeeland) at the domicile of Wim Muller. See the map.

From 1989 until 2003 the lofts of Wim Muller were also known as the combination Eijerkamp-Muller. In fact nothing has changed since: it is still Wim Muller and his family who manage the lofts at Wilhelminadorp. All the pigeons stayed where they were.

The combination Wim Muller & Sons has specialised itself in the extreme long distance races: 600 miles (900 km) and above.

Their pigeons all belong to one great family. Wim Muller created a new strain of long distance pigeons by the means of systematic inbreeding.