Famous Breeders

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Golden Breeder
NL 2174352-87
Sire Mona Lisa, 1 nat. Bordeaux
Sire Lady Sarina, 1 nat. München

Dam Porsche-911
NL 2713360-91
Dam Lady Sarina,1 nat. München
Dam Porsche-911, 8 nat. Pau
and 8 nat. Perpignan
Sister 3 nat.Tarbes

NL 8275277-82
Son of Super Pair

Jonge Genaaide
NL 8510026-85
31 nat. Pau
Sire 4 nat. Bordeaux
Sire 6 nat. Barcelona
Sire Big Boss
Brother to Sire La Signorita

Brother La Signorita
NL 2894418-89
Pied coq
Sire Crazy Boy, 11 nat. Perpignan, 15 nat. Barcelona
Grandsire Silver Boy, 5 nat. Perpignan, 22 nat. Barcelona
Grandsire Evita, 10 nat. Perpignan
Grandsire Bandido, 80 nat. Perpignan

Madonna 2
NL 8749908-87
27 nat. Barcelona
Granddam Reflex, 50 nat. Perpignan
Sister Madonna-82
Halfsister Funny Girl, 15 nat. Barc.

Dam Madonna
NL 8106420-81
Hen of Madonna Pair
Daughter Super Pair