Breeding strategy

At the very beginning of his pigeon fancying career, Wim Muller read a lot about breeding pigeons.

He was very impressed by the writings of Alfons Anker, a Hungarian professor, specialised in the culture of high yielding animals: cows, pigs,...

After reading Anker, Wim Muller concluded for himself that inbreeding is the only way in creating a superior strain of racing pigeons.

Wim Muller also learned that for inbreeding the best basic material is hardly good enough. Wim Muller wanted to continue the bloodlines of the old Aarden strain and especially of the base where Aarden got his best stock bird: the blood of the wonderful Zilvervosje of Bakker Meesters. Wim Muller applied the inbreeding principles of Anker to a granddaughter of Zilvervosje. The results of this inbreeding became the base of his excellent bloodlines.

Almost 40 years later Wim Muller is still cultivating the same bloodline. Of course he had to introduce some new blood, but he does this very carefully. And when he looks for new blood, the birds have to come out of an inbred loft and preferably go back to the same base as his pigeons: Meesters, Aarden. The best crosses are with the old van Wanroy strain, that carries a lot of Meesters blood.