Some history

Wim Muller started his career as pigeon fancier around 1970.

His first pigeons came from his friend Piet Schot who owned a granddaughter of the world-famous Zilvervosje of Meesters (de Heen, NL).

Wim Muller applied the inbreading theories of Alfons Anker to this granddaughter of Zilvervosje. His other stock material were pure Aarden pigeons.

In 1980 Wim Muller detected the breeding capacities of what was to become his Super Couple: de Kraag x Superduivin.

Children and grandchildren of the Super Couple brought Wim Muller at the international top in a few years.

In 1985 Wim Muller won his first Europa Cup. He sold the complete winning team to Hans Eijerkamp: Madonna, Genaaiden, Adonis, Marseille Star, Hercules, ...

Wim Muller started rebuilding a new racing team on the same breeding basis.

In 1989 Wim Muller engaged himself in a partnership with Hans Eijerkamp and Sons. The new name of the loft became Eijerkamp-Muller.

That same year the new partnership won its first national race: the First Lady won 1st national from Perpignan.

In 1990 Mona Lisa won first national Bordeaux yearlings.

In 1994 Magic Boy was national ace-pigeon in the international races from Barcelona, Marseille and Perpignan.

1996 brought a third national victory: Lady Sarina won national Munchen.

1997 was a super year! Eijerkamp-Muller won the Europa Cup for the second time. Nobody did this before them. The Magic Boy was proclaimed international Ace Pigeon in five consecutive flights from Barcelona.

From 1 january 2004 the combination Eijerkamp-Muller was splitted in favour of a new combination: Wim Muller and Sons. In fact, the two sons Wim Jr and Andres are thoroughly involved in te pigeon sport at Wilhelminadorp and thus deserved to be mentioned in the loft name.

Since then Wim Muller went back tot the basics, searching to solidify de strain of the Super Couple, especially the line of Genaaiden, of whom he possesses still different direct children.

Knowing that the Orhan of Brügemann Bros was a 50% Muller, Wim Muller went searching for some direct descendants of Orhan to bring this blood line back in Wilhelminadorp. The results of this injection of the old blood is more than satisfying this days.